TNT 100 mt reels

Print on non woven fabric in 100 mtl reels / 0 print step, ideal for your events. High resolution print with possibility of eyelet setting. Get your bargain! Please note: you are required to specify the base of the format that will be repeated along the whole reel.
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Number of copies Total number of copies. In case of more subjects, select your option in 'Number of subjects to print'.
Material Select your desired material and read carefully the information. Before ordering make sure you have done the right choice!
Height (cm)*
Height (cm) Vertical dimension in cm of the requested product. Decimals can be expressed with , or .
Subject width (cm)*
Subject width (cm)
Eyelet setting*
Eyelet setting Aluminium zinc-coated eyelets to perfectly stretch your graphics. They will be placed with a 50 cm print step with the best approximation to arrange them along the sides that you selected. A reinforcement welding on the sides provided with eyelets will not be supplied.
Graphic processing*
Graphic processing
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    Shipping date is confirmed for orders with: payment done and correct file for printing uploaded by 15:00

Download the Template to prepare a correct file.

Instructions Tnt reels Template long print run reels


Fill in your online quotation and print on your desired material. Our machines can guarantee the best quality and an incomparable ink resistance. Please read carefully the info box located on the right side of the material options: each material is conceived at its biggest size; if superior sizes are requested, we will turn to panelling without overlap.

    Useful info:

  • Suggested files: PDF
  • Accepted files: jpeg, eps and tiff
  • Resolution: at least 100/ 150 dpi for the small format, 150 dpi for the big format
  • Colour space: CMYK ( RGB files will be converted)
  • Font: traces


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