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Sales Terms and Conditions


    Sale terms and Conditions

    Purchases made through the site minimegaprint.com ("Site") are regulated by the following conditions ("Terms"). By clicking on "I accept the legal terms and conditions" the user accepts without limitation or reserve the Terms. The site is owned by ISEP srl with headquarters in Via di Saponara , 588-590 , 00125 - Rome ( RM ) , Italy , VAT IT01483541007 ( " Minimegaprint " ) .

    Sale terms and Conditions

    Purchases made through the site minimegaprint.com ( "Site " ) are regulated by the following conditions ( " Terms "). By clicking on " I accept the legal terms and conditions " the user accepts without limitation or reserve the Terms . The site is owned by ISEP srl with headquarters in Via di Saponara , 588-590 , 00125 - Rome ( RM ) , Italy , VAT IT01483541007 ( " Minimegaprint " ) .


    1. Services offered by the site

    The minimegaprint.com website allows you to take advantage of the web -to-print services (the "Services"). To access the Services it is necessary to register on the Site. During registration, users are required to specify whether they wish to register and make purchases as a company, sole proprietorship/self-employed, private or association. Purchases made by private users are regulated by current legislation on consumer protection; while all other categories of buyers/ operators are expressly excluded from the application of that legislation. All the final prices of products shown on the site are expressed in Euros, both with and without VAT. The prices of the products may be subject to periodic variations. The costs of transport and shipping are always paid by the buyer, except in cases where they are expressly provided differently.


    2. Product selection and purchase procedure

    After successful authentication, the user can proceed to the selection of products offered in the relevant sections, customizing the technical characteristics and adding the desired quantities in their shopping basket. Some pictures of the products can be provided for information purpose only and may differ from the delivered product. After completing the selection of the desired products , you will see a summary screen indicating the total costs. The user must confirm the quotation and complete the payment (except for the cash on delivery payment method and bank transfer). The user will also be asked to complete the order by accessing their "Personal Area" and uploading the content or the contents that they want to print. The user is solely responsible for the contents, spelling and graphic verification of uploaded files


    3. Payments and uploading of contents

    The customer may purchase the products online and make payments by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) through Paypal, by bank transfer or cash on delivery, as indicated in the site by following the instructions for the purchasing process. The information needed for payment by credit card will be transmitted via encrypted protocols to the financial intermediary Paypal, which is entrusted by Minimegaprint of the management of the remote electronic payment services, without the possibility of third party access.

    Payments must be made ​​in advance, and only after payment and the uploading of the "compliant" file by the user, the selected products will be put into production.

    For payments made by bank transfer it is necessary to enter the order number and the reason for payment to identify the transaction

    The production will begin only after the crediting of the agreed payment and after the uploading of the compliant file. The terms of delivery set by the customer at the time of the order (2 to 5 working days) shall be effective from that date.

    For cash on delivery payments, the order goes directly to production after the uploading of the compliant file. This method of purchase has no impact on delivery times. The invoicing of the purchases will take place at the end of the uploading of the compliant files. Minimegaprint reserves in any case, at its discretion and considering the circumstances of the case, the right not to accept this method of payment. In which case the user will be contacted immediately to agree on a different method of payment .


    4. Responsibility of the users on uploaded contents

    The choice of contents and images to be printed, and the acquisition of the relevant authorizations for their reproduction, if necessary, is the sole responsibility of the users. Minimegaprint will not proceed under any circumstances to the content check except for the technical specifications and graphics compatibility with the required specifications.

    The user assumes the paternity of the contents object of printing exempting Minimegaprint of the obligation to examine them, and will therefore be solely liable towards third parties that may complain of injury to the image, honor, dignity, moral integrity or otherwise any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage causally related to printing, object of the contract. Minimegaprint reserves the right to call for indemnity the user if claims for damages were to be made directly to him.


    5. Automatic verification of uploaded files

    For each product included in the purchase order, Minimegaprint system will check automatically:

    • the congruence between the file size and the size of the customized product,
    • printability of fonts,
    • The presence of any white overprinting and pass into the drilling, as well as conversion of any Pantone to the best profile for the print request (the system does not inform about the Pantone colors present in the file, but it directly provides for the conversion to CMYK),
    • that images have adequate resolution for the required product

    In the event that the sent file does not correspond to the customizations selected by the user for the system, it will proceed to block the entire order. In this circumstance, the user will be notified by e-mail and invited to proceed to send a new file with consequent displacement of the delivery date of the entire order.

    If the system does not detect any differences, the file will be automatically sent into production.


    6. Delivery and shipping

    The delivery of the products will be carried out according to the terms listed on the site, 2 working days or 5 working days, selected by the user in the quotation stage. The terms are meant to be calculated as of the completion of the order, namely the outcome of the uploading of the compliant file and the receipt of payment confirmation (excluding cash on delivery). Minimegaprint will entrust the goods to the carrier the day before the expected delivery. The delivery dates are valid for most of the national territory. Islands and remote areas could be served in two or more additional working days.

    The order shall be deemed not completed until the actual uploading of the file and the related payment (except cash on delivery). If the user fails to upload the file within 15 days from the date of the order, the order will be cancelled and the user will be refunded in case of confirmed payment.

    The shipping and delivery take place within the terms selected in the quotation provided that the completion of the purchase is made by 16:00 the same day. Reception of files or confirmation of payment after 16:00 are deemed to occur on the next business day. For working days we mean the days from Monday to Friday with the exception of 1/1, 6/1, 25/4, 1/5, 2/6, 8/15, 1/11, 8/12, 24/12, 25/12, 26/12, 31/12, Easter Monday. In no case Minimegaprint will be liable for any damage caused by the delay of delivery.


    7. Right of withdrawal or "cooling off"

    Minimegaprint supplies a service of "supply of goods custom packaged or clearly personalized" as indicated in Article 59 paragraph 1, letter C of the LEGISLATIVE DECREE 21 February 2014, n. 21. IIt is thus excluded the right of withdrawal provided in Articles 52 to 58 of that decree in respect of distance contracts and contracts negotiated away from business premises. The customer clicking on the "order" key accepts the loss of the right of withdrawal.


    8.Exemption of responsibility- defects of products

    Minimegaprint is not liable to the buyer and/or recipient of the service if different, for damages of any nature or kind, direct or indirect, arising from any errors of any kind, which may occur in printing the file sent by the customer or arising from receiving wrong material.

    In such cases Minimegaprint will only be required to make one reprint of the material. Likewise Minimegaprint will not be liable for damages, direct or indirect, caused by failure and/or delayed delivery of the material, nor will be responsible for any deterioration of the packaging. In such cases it will be required exclusively to make one reprint of the material on condition that the package is accepted by the customer "with the vices reserves" to be specifically indicated in writing on the receipt issued by the carrier, and communicated to Minimegaprint by e-mail , to be submitted under penalty of forfeiture within eight days of receipt of the parcel.

    Any errors in printing or packaging material must be reported by e-mail with digital photographic documentation, at info@minimegaprint.com indicating in the email subject the reference number of the order, no later than eight days after receipt of the material.


    9. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Court for non-consumer users