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Perfect binding

The classic printing process for books, catalogues and magazines. The internal block of pages is glued temporarily applying the cover. To guarantee a better hold we use polyurethanic glue. High quality digital print, download our template and upload your print file. The number of sides must include 4 cover sides.
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Number of copies Total number of copies. In case of more subjects, select your option in 'Number of subjects to print'.
Number of pages*
Number of pages Number of pages, cover included.
Spine (mm)
Spine (mm)
Format (width x height in cm)*
Format (width x height in cm) Dimensions refer to the CLOSED format
Print in colours*
Print in colours
Material Select the type of material for your product.
Grammage (gr)*
Grammage (gr) It is the weight of paper per square meter.
Lamination Lamination procedure.
Cover material*
Cover material Select the type of material for your product.
Cover grammage (gr)*
Cover grammage (gr) It is the weight of paper or material per square meter.
Cover in colours*
Cover in colours
Closed cover format*
Closed cover format
Cover lamination*
Cover lamination Lamination procedure.
Serigraphic finishing*
Serigraphic finishing Try one of our serigraphic effects and enhance your offset print ( just for grammages superior than 150)! Valid just for the front cover and back cover.
Graphic processing for the Cover*
Graphic processing for the Cover
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  • Production Schedules:

    Shipping date is confirmed for orders with: payment done and correct file for printing uploaded by 15:00


Choose the type of paper. Remember that the number of sides must be a multiple of 2. If you cannot find the required format, order the format immediately superior and inform us in the comments. We will cut it to measure for you. The price will anyway be the best we can offer as the output on the print paper will not vary.

Grammages lower than 150 cannot be laminated.

The serigraphic finish can be applied just on the cover and it is advisable not to apply it on the creases or on the page borders or on the book spine.

    Useful info:

  • Suggested files: PDF
  • Accepted files: jpeg, eps and tiff
  • Resolution: at least 300 dpi for the small format, 150 dpi for the big format
  • Colour space: CMYK ( RGB files will be converted)
  • Font: embedded


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