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Print a simple and concise menu without giving up enhancing your products with pictures and fine papers, fill in on your own your online quotation. We will shortly deliver your menu with the best quality, guaranteed by our latest generation machinery.

Plastic coated on both sides (shiny or matt) on 300 gr glossy paper.

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Number of copies Total number of copies. In case of more subjects, select your option in 'Number of subjects to print'.
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Format (width x height in cm) Select the print format that best suits your needs.
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Grammage (gr) It is the weight of paper per square meter.
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Number of items to print The different subjects that you wish to print. The different supplied files will be printed in identical copies (for example: number of copies 10: 5 copies from file A, 5 copies from file B). If customized quantities for the different subjects are required, add separately the products in the basket. Different cut and serigraphic outlines will not be considered as different graphics subjects and they must be added separately in the basket.
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Graphic processing
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Download the Template to prepare a correct file.

Template Menù A4 Instructions Menu A4


Minimegaprint catering product line offers you to make your business exclusive and typical. Printing your logo or your graphics you will create your customized product line able to enhance your business. High quality digital print on Indigo printer.

Upoad your graphics file and get your online quotation. Carefully follow the instructions in the template to prepare your file, our customer service operator and our specialists are available to best suggest you through telephone or chat.

    Some useful background information
  • Suggested files: PDF
  • Accepted files: jpeg, eps and tiff
  • Resolution: at least 300 dpi for small format, 150 dpi for large format
  • Color space: CMYK (RGB files will be converted)
  • Font: converted into traces


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