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Minimegaprint - Sede di Roma

A single supplier for all your printing needs.

Minimegaprintis your reliable Online Printing partner. DB Group Company, Italian and international reference for large format printing and serigraphy, has now established itself among the web -to-print leaders.

Our products. Digital and offset print of small format (books, brochures, leaflets, visit cards, labels, cards), print of large format (rigid boards, banners, tnt reels, adhesive pvc and posters). Displays and Rollups (Rollup, totems, desk), Paper processing, custom flags and furniture products (wallpaper and Photo canvas). All of our products are manufactured in our plant in Rome( extension more than 8000 sq. m.).

Our advantages. Minimegaprintis the first online operator to have applied the serigraphic print on offset products enhancing them with gold, silver and gloss effects. It guarantees maximum accuracy in color management with the certification Digital Cromalin , along with exact production times , on time delivery and secure payments. A dedicated Customer Service supports the customer at all stages of the order. In addition to this, Minimegaprint pride is the continuous investment in machinery , constantly renewed to assure customers the best technology on the market.

Attention to the environment. Attention to the environment. In Minimegaprint all technologies and print materials are chosen in compliance with the environment and health, production departments are in fact not equipped with solvent machines. Particular attention is paid to the search for innovative products, made ​​from recycled materials (Re-board)

Minimegaprint. Easy print. Easy Life!

HP INDIGO 12000 HD - Small format printing

  • HD High Definition Digital Printing
  • 1600 DPIs, new high LPI screens up to 290 LPI
  • Higher image smoothness, surpassing offset quality
  • The new benchmark for image quality in digital printing.
Hp Indigo 12000 HD

DURST RHO P10 200 – large format printing

  • Productivity and reliability for the large format printing
  • Excellent print quality and definition thanks to the Durst Quadro Array 10 Variodrop printheads technology
  • 10 picolitre printheads
  • Print resolution: 1000 dpi

HP LATEX 3000 - large format printing

  • Extraordinary quality results for signs and decorations
  • Defined and brilliant prints
  • 6 colors , 1200 dpi resolution for large print runs as well
  • Minimal environmental impact due to water-based inks.

HP SCITEX FB 11000 - large format printing

  • It guarantees the best performance for printing rigid supports
  • Excellent print quality and definition for long runs as well
  • 12 picoliters
  • Print speed - up to 500 sqm / h

HP SCITEX LX360 - large format printing

  • High-definition and saturation prints
  • 1200 dpi and 6 colors
  • Bright and durable images in outdoor
  • wide range of print supports

DURST RHO 320 and 512 R- large format printing

  • Excellent print quality
  • 600 dpi resolution and 6 colours
  • Bright and defined images
  • Wide support range

DURST RHO 750 and 800 - large format printing

  • Excellent prints for defined images
  • 600 dpi resolution and 6 colours
  • Reliable and versatile technology
  • Wide range of rigid supports for printing

KIP 80 - large format printing

  • Revolution of the traditional digital printing
  • The first of its kind to print with LED toner technology
  • High quality posters
  • Indoor and outdoor billboards

HP INDIGO 7600 - Small format printing

  • Efficiency and versatility for small format digital printing
  • Speed ​​and print quality
  • HP market leading technology

KONICA C6000 and C8000 - Small format printing

  • High quality of images
  • Definition similar to the Offset technology
  • Image technology : S.E.A.D. II
  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi


  • Top Level Offset technology
  • High quality and definition prints for large print runs
  • Excellence Heidelberg guaranteed

ROLAND 70X100 Offset printing

  • Roland technology
  • Very high quality and definition offset prints
  • Reliability and versatility
  • Guaranteed prints on various supports